Opening of Puerta Centro, city of transport

By Solano & Catalán

Opening of Puerta Centro, city of transport

It is the largest multimodal logistics platform in the center of the Iberian Peninsula

Puerta Centro is a logistic development of 2.2 million square meters and it is located between the municipalities of Guadalajara and Marchamalo. The multimodal platform facilitates the connection by road and rail between the port of Tarragona and the center of the peninsula.

The event was attended by Mr. Antonio Román and Mr. Rafael Esteban Santamaría, Mayors of Guadalajara and Marchamalo respectively, as well as the President of Castilla-La Mancha, Hon. Mr. Emiliano García-Page.

This act has been held at the foot of a monument whose design has been carried out by Solano & Catalán Arquitectos.

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